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G. Greene Employees Embrace the Open Concept

By G. Greene Construction on September 25, 2018

Allston, MA – The original building that was built more than 36 years ago by Gabe Greene, founder will soon be replaced with a contemporary, three-story open concept headquarters.  To stay on site while the new building is built, G. Greene employees were relocated into temporary, modular offices.  The company owns their location and has been planning this final phase of their campus development for quite some time.

Beyond just having an office for operations, this temporary space allows employees and management to experiment with the ‘open concept’.  Those who were skeptical at first, have embraced this model. Being able to communicate and collaborate with other team members more easily has been some of the many benefits.

“We really wanted to give our team an in-depth experience with a more open, collaborative environment before finalizing decisions on our new headquarters.  We are experimenting with different scenarios and using that direct feedback in our design process for our new building,” Bob Greene said.

Summer Tobin, G. Greene’s in-house architect designer and VDC/BIM coordinator was tasked with managing the design for the temporary office.  She is now spearheading the final design with GMA Architects on the new headquarters. Tobin said, “We work and build with the most advanced institutions in the region/world. We’re lucky to have great examples of how office design impacts productivity and employee satisfaction and we’re testing the best of those ideas now. Our new headquarters will have the best combination of ‘openness’, furniture and equipment technologies.”

Everybody is excited to play a role in the company moving toward the future.  We look forward to sharing our journey and success in the coming months.