Current COVID-19 Response


With over 50 years in business, G. Greene Construction has experienced and overcome monumental events throughout our Nation’s history. What we are facing today, the pandemic, may seem insurmountable, but with pro-activity and connectivity we will continue to overcome the challenges we are facing in our day-to-day activities. The heart of our company is rooted by the foundation of family and is strengthened by the longevity of client relationships. We are reaching out to all our clients, the extension of our G. Greene family, to let you know we are here for you


G. Greene specializes in the Healthcare & Life Science fields and fully understands the impact the pandemic is having on our Hospitals, Urgent Care Centers and Laboratories. We have over one hundred highly trained in-house tradespeople, hundreds of essential pieces of equipment including civil and containment systems, and strong long-standing relationships with mechanical subcontractors. We have the ability to mobilize rapidly and assist in response efforts to build out temporary medical enclosures and field units, fabricate and install isolation barriers and convert patient space in just days. 

Current COVID-19 Response

G. Greene currently has teams at many major healthcare institutions in and around Boston supporting their COVID-19 efforts. We are proud to be assisting those on the front line with proper facilities. 

  • We are expediting an ED Urgent Care space that will be used to support COVID-19 efforts
  • Fabricating and Installing isolation barrier separations in an acute care space.
  • The GGC Staff joined together to expedite the completion of a major patient wing, that can be immediately used for patient overflow. 
  • The Team converted an un-used space into a COVID-19 storage facility in days time. 
  • In a temporary facility we are building components to support COVID-10 mask sterilization.
  • Our Civil Division is continuing to provide services to ensure essential utilities remain functional, for all they serve. 
  • Throughout the event we have adapted our safety protocol to ensure field staff is properly protected and prepared. 

We share this to offer hope during an otherwise challenging time. We are here for you, to support your efforts on the front lines in continuing to serve our community and reduce the curve of COVID-19. 

Please know that G. Greene is here to address any questions or needs you might have in your response to COVID-19

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