Generator Replacement

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center - Milton


When BI Milton Hospital’s generator failed, it needed to be urgently replaced as a critical part of hospital infrastructure. G. Greene Construction identified and sourced a new generator, rigged old generator out and new one in, and modified existing exhaust stack, intake/exhaust ductwork, piping, and electrical feeds. The project was a design-build effort including the electrical subcontractor, the hospital, and the GGC project team, including our MEP coordinator.


  • Worked through supply chain issues to source materials in the most expeditious way possible in an ever changing world environment
  • The generator was located in the basement of an older building with no easy access. Carefully planned rigging route through existing areaway. Protection during rigging was required as the areaway had newer equipment installed after the original generator was rigged in
  • Updated existing infrastructure to mitigate existing hazards. The existing exhaust stack route was adjacent to wooden window frame, a fire hazard during generator operation. G. Greene identified the hazard and rerouted exhaust stack


  • Identified, sourced, and ordered new generator
  • Rigged out old generator through areaway
  • Completed testing, startup, and commissioning. Coordinated startup and commissioning with hospital systems
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Project at a Glance

Beth Israel Deaconess, Milton
Milton, MA
Design Team
Design-build with subcontractor and in house G. Greene MEP coordinator

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