Office Space Renovations and Reconfigurations

MIT Lincoln Laboratories


MIT Lincoln Laboratory researches and develops a broad array of advanced technologies to meet critical national security needs. Given the sensitive and private nature of their work, even seemingly straightforward office renovations require high levels of organization and attention to detail. Adept at working in defense facilities, G. Greene indulged in the challenge of completing construction while keeping critical spaces operational and private.


  • Strategically scheduled trades and sequencing in order to maintain mission critical work space with minimal disruption to occupants
  • Phased and sub-phased construction work in consideration of occupants
  • Identified long lead time equipment and expedited materials in order to avoid delay in project timeline


  • Demolition and dismantling of existing space
  • Installation of new mechanical systems and infrastructure
  • Construction of new STC-50 sound rated office spaces
  • Installation of new interior finishes
  • Completion of  9,900 sqft Hi-Security Office Space Renovations with Logistical Limitations
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Project at a Glance

MIT Lincoln Laboratories
Lexington, MA
Design Team
Symmes Maini & McKee Associates, ACT Associates

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