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A Conversation with Bob Greene about his Mother

By G. Greene Construction on May 8, 2020

Florence Greene, a kind, compassionate wife and mother who always put the needs of her husband, children and family first and would do anything to make sure everyone was happy. This is what Bob Greene told us when we asked how he would describe his mother to someone who has never met her.

“My mother always supported me as I began to make career choices,” Bob Greene said, “I was able to work at all hours of the day and night, even after lowbed moves at 2am and knew that when I got home my mom would have clean clothes for me and a hot meal on the table.”

When Gabe Greene started G. Greene Construction in 1966 it was easy for him to focus on the business because of Florence’s support. Gabe told Bob, “All I had to do was worry about the business while your mom took care of you kids and keeping up with the family needs.” When they married at 19 years old Gabe and Florence had an apartment together and Gabe was looking to by a car. He was ready to set out to buy a used car when his wife “took all the fun out of it” and told him they should wait a year, save up and buy a brand-new car. Of course, Gabe listened to his supportive wife and waited the year. He could not be happier with his brand-new, reliable car! She always provided sound advice.

Bob told us, “My parents were very old-school and saved every penny they made. They were very modest and humble with everything they did.” Gabe and Florence successfully built their house in Belmont together. “They bought the land, waited until the time was right, began to do the site work, waited again and built their home.”

A very busy mother and wife who makes it her duty in life to take care of everyone she comes in contact with. Mrs. Greene has always been known for her delicious cooking. Bob said with pride, “Back then she was always the aunt to bring the homemade Lasagna and Meatballs. Now when she comes to the house it is always with chicken soup, and not just one serving. She will bring over enough to fill the fridge and freezer.”

Speaking of food Bob said, “When Bobby Jr. was born, and we spent every night at Children’s Hospital with him and my mom would spend the day while I was at work. Every morning she would bring me breakfast to take into the office and when I got back at night, she had dinner ready for me as well. She always asked the day before what we wanted to eat and had it ready and waiting for us.”

“My mother is always positive, she would never, ever tell you that you could not succeed.” Even at her age, she is still always going and keeping busy going to dinner and visiting family with us. Bob now spends every Friday with his mother weather going to breakfast, lunch or bringing her to the salon for her weekly appointments. She has not stopped being supportive of Bob and the path his career has taken. With all sincerity, he said, “I am so grateful for all she does and the loving bond we share with one another.”