Snow Management

Snow Management

Snow Management Services

G. Greene’s snow operation runs like a well-oiled machine as we are equipped to handle the most extreme weather conditions. Our team is mobilized and ready way before the snow hits Boston as we track the weather pattern using four major weather resources. 

Our Management Services Include

  • Plowing
  • Removal
  • Ice Control
  • Melting

An attribute to our snow operation is the use of our Hyde Park Facility. On our 2.5 acre property we are able to store and maintain our snow removal trucks and equipment, road salt, ice melt and set up our Trecan PD 135 Snow Melters in the most effective position for the entire season. Our Hyde Park yard is the only permitted snow dump in Boston. 


Trecan PD 135 Snow Melters

One of the biggest advancements for us has been owning and operating Trecan PD 135 Snow Melters. These snow melters are essential when dealing with large storms and extreme weather conditions. This piece of equipment can melt up to 675 tons/hr of snow. With a walk-in control and engine room, the 135-PD allows the operator to manage the melting process more efficiently as well as handle the noise reduction for a quieter process.



2015 Snow Management Services By the Numbers

Snow Management G. Greene Construction Co. Inc.


Our Customers

For over 50 years, G. Greene Construction Co., Inc., has been providing Snow Removal Services to many clients within the Longwood Medical Area in Boston, MA. We are dedicated to delivering a “Black and Clear” standard for all of our clients efficiently after the last snow flake falls. 

““Thanks for all your help with last week’s blizzard; your team did a marvelous job under difficult circumstances. I am sure your guys worked some pretty long hours as our team did here at the Medical Center.””

Brendan Raftery
General Supervisor, Maintenance Operations
Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center