Affiliated Companies

G. Greene Construction Co., Inc. is proud to have a team with extensive experience and industry knowledge. With our affiliated companies, G. Greene Properties and Thru-Wall Construction, we are able to expand our impact by sharing resources, space, and services to both internal and external customers.

G. Greene Properties

G. Greene Properties LLC, an affiliated G. Greene Construction Co., Inc. Company, owns and maintains multiple properties throughout Eastern Massachusetts in the office and industrial categories.

240 Lincoln Street, Allston, MA
18,000 sq ft

240 R Lincoln Street, Allston, MA
1,600 sq ft garage

250 Lincoln Street, Allston, MA
15,000 sq ft

1605 Hyde Park Ave, Boston, MA
Current: 5,000 sq ft garage
Future: 7,500 sq ft garage addition, 2,250 sq ft new

5 Spring Brook Road, Foxboro, MA
7,300 sq ft garage and warehouse

11 Spring Brook Road, Foxboro, MA

24,000 sq ft warehouse FOR LEASE

If you are interested in learning more about any of these properties or obtaining additional leasing information, contact our team:

Lucy Dubon
Commercial Property Manager
G. Greene Properties LLC
(617) 823-2317

Thru-Wall Construction

Thru-Wall Construction is a leading firestop contractor serving the Boston area.

Our team of skilled professionals acts as a single point of contact for hospitals, campuses, and commercial facilities seeking to ensure that every fire and smoke barrier is sealed to code at all times.

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