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G. Greene is Eversource Boston’s Union contractor of choice providing service, installation, and emergency response to the Boston metro area. All construction materials are provided by our in-house equipment and facilities allowing our crews to work independently 24/7, 365 days of the year. We have five, five-man crews who are working daily on these services. In addition to completing the task at hand G. Greene is also responsible for providing GPS & Mapping As-Builts and all traffic management on every electrical distribution job-sites.

Our electrical distribution services include:

Duct Bank Installation


  • A service our crews have performed numerous times. In some cases, we have installed duct banks of 5” pipes in runs of up to 16 continuous pipes. GGC is responsible for providing temporary and/or permanent service to the new or existing buildings in the area

Key Project:

217 Commonwealth Ave, Boston

  • Installed a 9-way duct bank on the extremely busy Commonwealth Ave to increase system reliability
  • During this project, there were numerous failed locations for the vault due to the tight work area in the sidewalk with utilities and building foundations
  • A challenge at this site was that the groundwater table is very high and flowing, the Boston Groundwater Conservation required the recharging of water back into the ground

Live Duct Bank Chipping


  • Our crews are experienced in chipping on distribution duct bank, primary 13.8kV duct bank, and oil filled pipe type cable 115kV duct bank

Key Project:

Stuart Street Pipe Type Repairs

  • Repaired oil filled Pipe Type Cable in response to damage caused by a City of Boston Water Contractor
  • Chipped concrete off of the pipes and reapplied new coating
  • Utilized qualified live chipping personnel on staff for the 115kV chipping that needed to occur
  • Navigated numerous unknown utilities that made access to the damage difficult

Manhole Rebuilds


  • This common service that we provide for Eversource includes installation of precast roofs, brick & rail roofs and structural integrity repairs of manholes

Key Project

1223 Commonwealth Ave, Brighton

  • Converted an SNV into a manhole
  • Precasted new roof with custom sized openings and layout for the electrical equipment
  • When new precast roofs are needed we form and pour these all in house using our own equipment
  • Due to heavy pedestrian traffic three feet from our job site we chose to set the new top off hours due to safety concerns

Secondary Network Vault Reconstruction


  • Known as SNV Reconstruction, a service where our crews use structural and pre-cast vault top frame & replacement

Key Project

Inman square Improvements, Cambridge

  • Reroofed two SNV with substantial structural damage on the walls along with a decayed roof that needed replacement
  • Traffic management was crucial and work needed to be coordinated with businesses and other contractors

24/7 Emergency Work


  • With the ability to work independently due to the use of our Metered Concrete Mix Truck, Hot Box Asphalt Truck, Vacuum Excavation Truck and fleet of Heavy Equipment we are on call with Eversource Energy 365 day a year

Key Project

149 Newbury Street, Boston

  • Urgency was required due to the customer needing power reinstated
  • Installed 8, five inch PVC duct banks down the paver sidewalk on Dartmouth Street for the building
  • Numerous utilities caused challenging work access
  • Coordinated with the contractor and businesses throughout the project
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