Sustainable Construction

Sustainable Construction

Some Claim To Be Green, How Many Can Actually Say They Are?

The key to success with the application and submission of a LEED candidate project is planning and documentation. To achieve LEED certification, it is essential to document and implement all of the decisions that are made throughout the process.

We understand the importance of making sustainable design and green building an integral part of our business. As the ethical mentality of many of our clients continues to grow, we utilize our knowledge and experience to bring innovative ideas to the table. Our sustainable approach is evident in our construction practices as well as our goal to keep our communities safe and clean.

Our firm has many unique features to add value beyond the original design.

  • Using our own trucking and dumpster services to ensure recycling and cut down on traffic, exhaust and debris impacts.
  • Using our two Boston yards for laydown relay to mitigate ‘over-trucking’ of resources and congestion in sensitive areas.
  • A site civil division that partners with solar, wind and other energy giants to constantly add Greene value to the grid.

Lowell General Hospital

New CCU Addition & Renovation

G. Greene completed the CCU renovation and addition at Lowell General Hospital. This project added eleven new intensive care unit...

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“You guys have been great to work with and we appreciate all of your infection control efforts to keep our patients, staff and visitors safe!”

Michelle Antonellis, RN, CIC, Infection Preventionist
Lowell General Hospital
Lowell, MA