415 Main Street Roofing Replacement

The Broad Institute


A $3.3 million project consisting of 100% removal of the existing PVC roof assemblies down to existing roof deck and replacement with new fully adhered 72 mil pvc single-ply roof membrane assemblies. This 26,000SF roof was particularly sensitive as the building beneath the roof housed an extremely large mechanical penthouse, critical to the operation of the Broad Institute.


  • Worked to secure procure roofing materials, stymied by supply chain issues
  • Strategically replaced roof in seven different sections and phases
  • All crane picks for this project required off-hours coordination with the building, as well as the city


  • Demolition and installation of complete roofing system in seven different phases
  • Modified existing roof edge, curb components, steel catwalks, etc. to accommodate the new roof assemblies, appropriate flashing heights and termination heights
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The Broad Institute
Cambridge, MA
Design Team
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